Lev Ratnovski

Lead Economist, ECB (on leave from IMF). Working on fintech, liquidity, regulation, and crises.

At IMF covered Canada, China, Ireland, Korea, Mongolia, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, and U.S.


  • ECB, Lead Economist, DG-Research, 2018-present;

  • IMF, Senior Economist, Research Dept., 2010-present (on leave);

  • IMF, United States and Canada Desk, 2008-2010;

  • Bank of England, 2006-2008;

  • PhD, University of Amsterdam, 2008.


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Short Bio

  • Lev Ratnovski is Lead Economist at the European Central Bank (Directorate General Research), on leave from the International Monetary Fund. He works on financial sector issues, such as fintech, macropru, liquidity, regulation, and crises. At the IMF, he covered Canada, China, Korea, Mongolia, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, and USA. He has published in the Review of Financial Studies, Review of Finance, and Journal of Financial Intermediation, among other journals. His work has been cited by Bloomberg, Economist, and Reuters. Mr. Ratnovski started his career at the Bank of England after receiving a Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam.