Presentations and honors

2021-2022 (selected)


  • Banco de Portugal (Lisbon)

  • NBER Summer Institute 2020 (by co-author)

  • 6th IWH-FIN-FIRE Workshop on "Challenges to Financial Stability" (Halle, Germany)

  • De Nederlandsche Bank (by co-author)

  • ETH-Zurich Center for Law and Economics

  • ADB-NUS conference "Fintech to enable development, investment, financial inclusion, and sustainability"

  • Australasian Banking and Finance Conference





  • Monetary Authority of Singapore

  • ETH-NUS "Law and Banking" Conference (Singapore)

  • De Nederlandsche Bank

  • University of Tokyo

  • Bank of Korea

  • Bank of England

  • Banca d'Italia

  • Banco de Portugal

  • Bank of Canada


  • Central Bank of Ireland-Trinity College-CEPR "Workshop on Macroeconomics of Global Interdependence"

  • Riksbank Conference of Financial Safety Net

  • ETH Zurich-NYU Law conference on Corporate Governance (Zurich)

  • Third BIS Research Network meeting on "Global Financial Interconnectedness" (at BIS)

  • Norges Bank







  • Tinbergen Institute conference "Crashes and Systemic Crises in Financial Markets" (Rotterdam)

  • European Banking Center - Swiss National Bank "Swiss Banking and Finance Conference" (discussant, Hasliberg)

  • Dept of Finance, Canada

  • European Banking Center "Financial Stability" (Tilburg)


  • Cleveland Fed/FDIC "Identifying and Resolving Financial Crises" (by co-author)

  • DNB/JFS "Integrating micro- and macroeconomic perspectives on financial stability” (Groningen)

  • Basel Committee / JFI research workshop "Risk transfer mechanisms and financial stability" (at BIS)

  • Financial Intermediation Research Society (Anchorage AK)

  • U Amsterdam "Financial Stability, Liquidity, and Corporate Control"

  • C.R.E.D.I.T. "Liquidity risk" (Venice)

  • Bank of Canada "Securitized Instruments"

  • IMF/World Bank "Risk Analysis and Risk Management"

  • CesIfo-Bundesbank "Liquidity: Concepts and Risks" (Munich)


  • Basel Committee Research Task Force workshop “Banking, Risk and Regulation” (at FDIC)

  • CEPR/LSE/NHH “Corporate Finance and Risk Management” (Bergen)

  • IMF

  • Bank of Finland/JFS “Financial Instability, Supervision, and Central Banks”

  • Bocconi “FinLawMetrics” (Milan)

  • LSE “Cycles, Contagion, and Crises” (London)

  • Banque de France/CEPR “Banking and Asset Markets”


  • Western Finance Association (Denver)

  • CEMFI (Madrid)

  • European Finance Association (Zurich)


  • ECB Lamfalussy fellow, 2008

  • IMF award for the work on financial sector taxation, Feb 2010, and for the work on the Banking Union for the Eurozone, Apr 2013

Conference organization

  • Financial Intermediation Research Society (FIRS) -- program committee, since 2013

  • European Finance Association (EFA) -- program committee, since 2015

  • IMF Annual Research Conference on "Monetary and Macroprudential Policies" (Nov 2011) -- program committee

  • IMF Research Department Conference on "The Financial System Five Years From Now" (Mar 2012) -- organizer

  • Bank of England - HKMA - IMF conference on "Monetary, Financial, and Prudential Policy in the Post-Crisis World" (Nov 2017) -- organizer